Blog Sisters Week 10

Monday, March 17, 2014

How can it already be 10 weeks into this little series???  Anywho, how are you doing my lovely friend?  I have been missing you like crazy this past week!

As you know, we finally closed on the sale of our house in CO last week!  Yay!  So, we were able to get our annual passes for Disney World over the weekend and spent as much time as we could handle! Annie actually feel asleep in the car as soon as we started to drive yesterday, even before we were out of the parking lot! ;)  It was such a nice weekend, especially since we were not trying to see everything in the parks.  We were able to just wander and really look at stuff in the parks and on some of the rides.

I found these birdcages hanging in the Big Thunder Mountain ride line and knew you would love them as much as I did!

Other than planning for our park adventure, I was busy trying to finish up one of my scrapbooks that has been neglected for the past 5 years....yikes!!! I am done with albums 2004-2008 as well, just need to get back on schedule.  Of course, now that I thought I was done, I found a few other pics that need to be included, doh!  I hope to get another one going and done very soon, feels good to be productive again with these AND it helps to use up stuff I have been moving for years.

This week I start orientation/training for my new job at Universal Studios, I am so nervous but excited!!!  Not only is it Universal, but I get to work in Diagon Alley when it opens! (total geek moment for me)  Annie has an interview tomorrow morning, so who knows, we might end up working together.  Could be a good thing, we will see.

I also was able to finish up a digital set recently that was sitting on my computer (and in my head) for the past year or so, thanks to you!!!  The "sweet" 16 set is going to be used for Emmalee's party this November...holy cow, that sounds way too soon for me.  I have an idea for a boys 16th birthday set as well, just need to get it done and in the shop.

How soon until we can actually hang out and go shopping and be goofy together???  Is September still looking good for you?  I can't wait!

Big hugs until next time!!!!



  1. Glad to hear you had a fun weekend at Disney AND got some of your scrapbooking done. I know how much you love doing that!! Good luck on the new job, I can only imagine how cool Diagon Alley please!!

  2. Love your series ladies. Enjoy it each week 8)


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