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Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Morning!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!!!

Today, I am going to share a quick little cake that I made last week.....a little "make it your own" recipe.  I started with a yellow cake mix, mini chocolate chips, extra flour, pre-made chocolate frosting and Cool Whip.

First, I took some parchment paper, traced around the bottom of my two round cake pans, and cut those out.  After they were cut, I sprayed the pan with cooking spray and layed the parchment paper inside to cover the bottom. 

The cake was made according to directions, because we live in higher altitude, we usually have to make adjustments when making cakes so they rise correctly.  I did add about a tablespoon of flour.

I also added some flour to the chocolate chips before adding them to the cake batter, this helps so they better suspend in the batter and don't all just fall to the bottom of the cake.  Then, I baked the cakes and let them cool for about an hour.

After they were cool, I put one on my cake plate....all ready to frost.  For the frosting, I took the entire tub of frosting and put that in a bowl.  Then I added about half of the Cool Whip to the bowl and folded the two together as you see here.  Then I frosted the middle of the cake, added the top layer and frosted the rest.  Adding the Cool Whip helps to make sure you have more than enough frosting for the cake, but it also helps to cut the sweetness of the frosting.  My hubby said it was the best chocolate frosting he has ever had, kind of made me sad, but it is true, chocolate frosting and I are not the best of friends!

We have made variations of the frosting for years now, I wish I could remember where I first saw it!  One of my favorites is a lemon flavored frosting, yummy!!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!

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