Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yesterday, Pam shared Easter basket ideas for the younger kiddos. Today, I am going to share some ideas for teens or tweens. I have 2 teenage daughters, so this is some of what I normally would give the girls.

This was a water bottle with some body wash and lotion inside.

Bath & Body Works is my best friend for most holidays. Lipgloss, body wash (in their favorite scents) and lotions are always great for girls. While I was there, I found these cute pre-packaged sets.

I really liked this plastic cup with some lipgloss, lotion and sanitizer.

The last set is just a small basket that I could add a little of their favorite candy to as well....can't have Easter without some Cadbury Eggs!!!

Since I don't have any teen boys to buy for, I am just going to give a little list of ideas that I have come up with. If you do have teen boys, please feel free to add anything to my list in the comments!

Books, something they are interested in like The Hunger Games.
Movies, even my girls love to get a new movie for a holiday. Hop, or the Muppets Movie are a couple of ideas
ITunes gift cards
Starbucks gift cards
Movie Pass gift cards

Now, these ideas are not only for Easter, you can use this list for birthdays and any holiday you celebrate.

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