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Friday, January 27, 2012

I saw this really great photo on Pinterest, showing how someone created a painted panel with hooks that they screwed directly into their kitchen cabinet to store their measuring cups and spoons. Unfortunately, the person who pinned this photo didn't pin it from the original source, so I can't give them credit which really makes me sad *insert sad face*.

While I absolutely love this idea, I personally need a temporary solution since we will be relocating in the next year or so *insert happy face*. I also wanted to add these great printable "cooks helper" cards I found over at Martha Stewart Living. There are three cards, (I only used two) one for baking pan subsitutions, one for measuring equivalents, and the other is for candy making temperatures. I don't know how many times I need to figure out different measurements or if I can use a cupcake pan instead of a bread pan. NOW, these cards will be at my finger tips and hanging right next to the tools I need to bake, woot!

 So here is what I did, first I printed out the "Cooks Helper" sheet from Martha Stewart Living. I then cut out each piece, then using 3M's self -sealing laminating pouches (size 4 3/8" x 6 3/8") I coated eat card. You can leave the cards as is, but I wanted to trim off the extra plastic, I did this leaving a nice border around the edges. I then punched a hole in the top of each card so that I could hang them on hooks.

Next, I attached 3M's Command hooks to the inside of one of my kitchen cabinet doors. Super easy and when we move, I can just pop the hooks off the door without leaving a mark. Now time to hang up my measuring cups, spoons and handy "cooks helper" cards.

Voila...instant organized measuring cups and spoons. Fortunately for me I didn't need a separate hook for each measuring cup since mine hold down for storage. However there is plenty of room for more hooks as you can see, if you needed to hang one cup on each hook. Again super simple to put together and easy to take down. Thank you unknown person on the internet for the inspiration, so that I could make this my own way.

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  1. I think the original came from Infarrantly Creative

    Hope this helps!


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