Some changes

Saturday, January 31, 2015

In order for me to focus on D & P Celebrations fully, I am going to stop blogging on PSMIYO.  I will be adding more items to the blog rotation on D & P including recipes and other items.

I appreciate all of you and your support over the years, but I do need to focus more on this one endeavor and feel that this is the best route for me at this time.  Also, I am beyond thankful for all the help from Pamela Smerker and Melissa Newell over the past year!!!!!  I could never have done it without you both!

Please join us in the party over at D & P Celebrations.

All the best,


Strawberry Cake Donuts

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I recently made some treats to take for a co-worker who was leaving the country for a year.  I wanted something very easy to share with a lot of people and was not hard to carry into work.  So, I took some strawberry cake mix I had, made it according to directions and then baked them in my mini donut maker. (Thanks again Pamela for this wonderful gift)

Some of them did get frosted, but I really liked them without any frosting.  I am sure they would have been good with powdered sugar as well.  These would be great with ice cream too.  Yum!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.